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Recycled art for under $10

I was lucky enough to inherit almost 200 awesome old postcards from the early 1900’s from my Grandmother. I wanted to display some of them in a really unique way. I chose two postcards depicting a beach scene, then got crafty!

I picked up 4 frames from my local recycle shop, spray painted them black, found and old piece of MDF in the shed, spray painted that. Used my hot glue gun to secure the back to the larger frame, also used a staple gun. Set the frames up & attached them with hot glue. Then used rocks & drift wood from my local beach. Some twine to wrap the branches up in & make a pattern from. Lastly I added the postcards, put some picture wire on the back and hung it in the living room.

#Craft #Picture #Beach #Art

Carrot cake cupcakes I first made these back in March last year for my nieces birthday - they have been a favorite ever since. Simple to make and soooo yummy! I used a packet of mixed seed for the top, other than that everything is the same as the link for the recipe - Enjoy! Thanks to NZ Girl for the recipe!

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